Thoughtful design raises awareness.

RCDF was founded on the principle that the world informs design and in turn, design affects and enhances surroundings.  Our firm counters traditional notions of building archetypes with the belief that architecture should respond to its context without replication.  Our firm prefers to guide every project through all stages of development from concept through completion.  With this comprehensive hands-on approach, projects move through each phase without interruption or reinterpretation to realize completed projects that have clear design logic and environmental synthesis.  Because we believe that context, culture, functionality and the client’s unique relationship to a location inform every project’s design process, our goal is to create buildings and spaces that enhance both the daily experiences of its inhabitants and the environment in which it is set.  

With over 30 years of professional experience and a wide and varied roster of completed projects, RCDF has the flexibility to tailor a team to any project, scale, or complexity, locally, nationally, or overseas.  We recognize that as the world grows smaller, faster, and more specialized, both client and construction demands project execution at a competitive pace without sacrificing design.  Whether the project is new construction, a remodel, an interior reimagining, or landscape design, we believe in open, honest communication that values the agreed upon inspiration and concept which carries through to completion.

Rogerio Carvalheiro

Principal & Founder

Rogerio Carvalheiro received a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles.  Prior to founding RCDF Studio, he worked with Philippe Stark for SBE, with Cheryl Rowley Design, Koning and Eizenberg, and Moore Ruble Yudell.  He gained considerable experience working at The J. Paul Getty Trust as a Senior Project Manager and as Senior Design Director at Catellus Development Corporation.  He also has ample landscape design experience working at Burton and Spitz Landscape and Jay Griffith Landscape Design.  The sum total of his resume allows Rogerio to be involved at all levels from concept to completion with each RCDF Studio project.  Throughout his 30+ year career span, Rogerio remains active in the development of numerous award winning cultural, civic, commercial, residential, and hospitality projects.  

At present, he serves as Chair for the City of West Hollywood’s Planning Commission and for the Planning Commission’s Design Review Subcommittee, and also serves as Chair of the Design Committee for the Foundation for The AIDS Monument slated for install in 2024.  In addition to his work with his firm and civic engagements, he regularly teaches advanced design studio courses at UCLA Extension’s Architecture and Interior Design program. 

The Getty Villa — As Senior Project Manager in charge of the renovation of the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa, Rogerio provided direction in all matters pertaining to its reconstruction to become the permanent home for the Getty’s Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities collections. In close collaboration with the Getty’s Antiquities Department and the design architects, Machado and Silvetti, he supervised and reviewed development of design and construction plans for compliance with standards, programming criteria, and overall design integrity. Also included as part of his scope were the restoration of all exterior murals, and the construction and planting of the Villa Gardens.

In addition, he managed the development of the Villa’s Exhibition Furniture program. Responsibilities included negotiation and management of an overseas contract, and supervision of production.

SLS Hotel Beverly Hills — As Senior Design Manager for SBE, Rogerio Carvalheiro was in charge of the re-development of the Sahara Hotel and Casino (US$1.2B) and was the principal liaison between SBE and Starck Enterprises. While working closely with the team from Starck Enterprise, he supervised, managed, and developed all directives provided by Phillipe Starck with his independent team.

Commissioner — Rogerio Carvalheiro serves as a Planning Commissioner for the City of West Hollywood where he lives and works. Prior to his tenure on the Planning Commission, he served as an Arts and Cultural Affairs Commissioner for the city and was also Chair of the Urban Arts Committee.

AIDS Monument — Since 2013, Rogerio has served on the board of the Foundation for AIDS Monument (F.A.M.). Acting as Chair of the Design Subcommittee, he has been instrumental to the ongoing design development with F.A.M.’s selected artist, Dan Tobin.

The People’s Notre-Dame Cathedral Design Competition – Rogerio Carvalheiro and RCDF Studio named top finalist and only USA firm to place in the People’s Notre-Dame Cathedral Competition.


LA Union Station — Rogerio was the Project Director for the restoration of the famed Los Angeles Union Station. He led a design team to create a cohesive master plan to be consistent with the station’s historic architectural language while embracing current and future programmatic requirements. Rogerio secured the sizable federal grant for the restoration project and received an American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award for his work and innovations on this crucial city project.

LOFT 2011 — Our LOFT design competition entry was selected for display in the 2013 AIA Center for Emerging Professionals Annual Exhibition at the AIA National headquarters in Washington, DC.

UCLA Extensions Graduate School of Interior Architecture — Since 2012, Rogerio Carvalheiro has taught Studio II (undergraduate) and Studio III (graduate) at UCLA Extensions Graduate School of Interior Architecture. In 2015, Rogerio was awarded the Outstanding Instructor of Architecture and Interior Design Award.

Bend It – Our entry in a global competition sponsored by UNI called “Salut Paris, Reclaiming the Urban Voids of Paris” was chosen as the grand winner by its jury.