Whisky Billboard

Inspired by lanterns and origami, our fresh take on the American billboard merges static and digital faces to blur the lines between traditional billboards and urban art.

Recently approved by West Hollywood City Council, our billboard establishes differing perspectives when traveling east or west along the iconic Sunset Strip.  Suspended high above the boulevard, the billboard accessorizes the Hollywood Hills skyline and further highlights one of the most historic intersections in pop music history.

In abandoning the outdated billboard now atop the Whisky nightclub, our proposal scales height and aesthetic to frame the seminal nightclub thereby highlight its value as a crown jewel of LA nightlife.  The exterior cladding is constructed of white, perforated aluminum panels that both mirror the colors of the California sky in the daylight and illuminate like a paper lantern at night.

Our project was selected as part of the Sunset Arts and Advertising Program which rethinks billboards, building renovations, and development of public spaces along Sunset Boulevard for the 21st Century. Developed by the West Hollywood Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission, each digital billboard will contribute to an evolving digital arts program by dedicating 17.3% or 1,533 hours of its operational time to digital art.  The Whisky Billboard is scheduled for installation in late Autumn, 2023.

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