Paying homage to the hidden spaces once frequented by the LGBTQ+ community, Stache bar, restaurant, and nightclub pulses in the heart of West Hollywood.  The red light over the door harkens back to those clandestine eras but adjacent garage doors open themselves wide to the promenade celebrating freedom and defiance.  Stache’s industrial interior, reminiscent of those underground histories, fuses nostalgia with a future-forward present to create an all-inclusive social clubhouse vibe.

The flexible interior circulates around a central bar separating two spaces for either dining and dancing.  Iconic LGBTQ+ images and memorabilia thrive throughout the space championing the community’s expression and courage as necessary and vital to beat back oppression.  The patio takes advantage of SoCal’s beautiful weather promoting interaction and inclusivity with the sidewalk culture of West Hollywood.  The days of windowless spaces are past.

Stache provides a curated environment for all forms of self-expression, and thrives as a local hot spot known for its live music acts, DJ sets, and weekly events including ‘Dinner and Drag’, and ‘Drink and Draw.’

Unfortunately, many LGBTQ+ peoples in other parts of the globe still frequent dark alleys and knock on unmarked doors to gather.  Stache stands in stark contrast to that as a landmark for inclusivity and safe harbor.

The name ‘Stache,’ eulogizes the Castro-style of the California-centric AIDS era with nerve, verve, and honor, celebrating the resilience and perseverance of a community committed to its rights, diversity, and unique approach to enjoying life.

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