In an effort to further elevate the Santa Monica Boulevard experience, RCDF Studio and Fiesta Cantina are excited to collaborate and participate in West Hollywood’s pilot parklet program. Our goal was to create a high-quality outdoor lounge “happening” that blends the high-energy streetscape with the blossoming creativity of a feel-good city, both signatures of our diverse community.

“Cultivate” invites the thriving city neighborhood to ponder – even in passing – “What is essential to cultivate in a community?”

The design is carefully composed so all planters, topiary, seating, solar lighting, safety and ADA requirements are fully and seamlessly integrated. Cyclists will find easily accessible bike parking encouraging environmental-friendly transportation. Seating formations are shaped and strategically positioned to safeguard existing tree locations and create an intimate pedestrian experience along this high-traffic portion of the iconic boulevard.

Parklet:  an extension of the sidewalk, repurposing on-street parking spaces for the creation of new, publicly accessible open space, seating, greenery, etc. Parklets have proven their ability to not only create greener, healthier communities, but also increase neighborhood character and sense of identity through design.

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